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Paris Traveler Backpack – An Ideal Weekender

It’s the backpack that literally follows you everywhere. Just like skinny jeans and sneakers, backpacks have gained cultural convergence.

But all backpacks are not created equal and some are just inherently superior to others. Jim loves it! And so does Sally!

 The classic symbol of adventure and escape, Paris Traveler Backpack can be seen on the backs of catwalk models as well as city boys hiking their way on the mountains.

 Peter Parker, Edward Snowden, Ellen Page have sported it too. Yeah, it’s the in thing now. And who came up with this brilliant design?

 Strolling through the fine streets of Paris, dreaming about sipping wine in a fine vineyard, our founder had the idea of a backpack that was durable, good looking, easy to carry, and safe from pickpockets. This surprised us because it had nothing to do with wines or vineyards. But 6 months later, his dream backpack was ready!

Swing This Perfect Carry-All Over Your Shoulder

When you’re treading the great outdoors, you want a hands-free experience. A backpack that can contain everything you need – from a water bottle to keep you hydrated to an extra pair of clothing, and from your shades to those little munchies you can’t live without.

It’s certainly NOT one of those run-of-the-mill bags

Paris Traveler Backpack is a travel-friendly luggage carrier that’s ideal for individuals as well as couple travelers. It’s a no-fuss backpack that comes in three beautiful and natural colors – black, khaki, and army green.

 Love lots of pockets? It’s for you. This backpack is made of high-quality cotton canvas and PU leather.

So many reasons to fall in love with it…

  • Chic looks
  • Smart straps
  • Adequate and neatly organized space
  • Fit for impromptu travel


Backpack to Face the outdoors in style

This isn’t an average knapsack you find in the middle of the road.

Made by our top designers with the most upscale materials, we have created the Paris backpack keeping travelers in mind. Whether you’re planning to go on a month-long trek or on a weekend getaway, Paris will follow you everywhere.

Different people have a different way of using the Paris traveler backpack.

It comes with two durable straps that can be used to turn it into a rucksack, and the detachable shoulder strap turns it into a cross-body bag.

The thick canvas used in the bag is breathable and reduces the load of your shoulders. Adjustable sponge straps are scientifically engineered to ensure that the load is evenly distributed across the shoulders and back.

That’s a load off your shoulders! 

Features That Paris Backpack Owners Love 

While designed mainly for the traveler, it comes with stylish looks that make it the perfect bag to be carried to school and office as well. Big enough for a 16” laptop, A4 sized books, an umbrella, and your clothes, it’s the one backpack that is ready to go just about anywhere with you. 

With big and smart tan leather pulls, its zips are smooth and don’t gnash, which means you can take the bag on rocky terrains without worrying about a zip malfunction. Designed to be a rugged fashion statement, Paris travel backpack has mountaineering written all over it.

Who Needs To Buy It

Whether you’re an outdoorsy explorer or an office guy working on the Internet Explorer, Paris will be your sidekick. Flexible and agile, it’s the perfect bag to be carried as airplane cabin luggage. It even has a pickpocket protection!

 It’s a bag that loves you as much as you love it.

Paris has been admired by everyone and anyone who has owned it. And they make excellent birthday gifts too! It’s the ideal gift for all types of people, not exclusive to rock stars, freshman, nerds, and solo travelers.

Everyone needs a backpack, especially if it’s as stylish as Paris travel backpack.


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