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Travel Backpacks

When arranging your backpacking journey, the most vital pre-trip choice is picking your travel backpack. Sized to hold all of your most essential things, CF365 tourist backpack bags are ideal for all vacation adventure. It is obviously designed to be a flexible device, making it simple to prescribe for a trek. A lightweight, the travel backpack will keep your goods accessible without adding excess weight to the journey.

How to choose your travel backpack?

To choose your travel backpack, you have to take into account several criteria. The weight of the empty backpack, the type of trip to make, the way you will travel and what you will do on site. Actually Choosing the travel rucksack before any trip is an important part and may be a time consumer decision, ending up with small travel backpack you will not be able to fit all what you need or having an oversized one may lead you to pay for the extra weight if you are traveling in a plane. You have to choose the right construction material to meet your trip challenges (rain, snow or maybe sand). Once you have a clear idea of these criteria, the choice of the backpack is much easier, we can already move to a number of liters for the travel backpack.

What is the best travel backpack size?

With A good backpack size you will avoid checked luggage otherwise your backpack will be piled, thrown and abused by airports luggage sorting machines and luggage handlers, That will contribute to fast aging and probably damage for you backpack.

After intensive research we did with more than 2000 backpackers from around the world (Backpackers through Europe, North America, South America and Africa) We curated the best travelling rucksacks features that we took in consideration when designing the CF365 Travel Backpacks collection.

What Travel backpacks size should I use?

To make the size decision depending on your travel plans and below several travel situations to help you understand the choice of your traveling backpack, actually it all depends on the type of trip you are going to take and the way you are going to do it :

  • Going out for a day outside with friends or your partner to the Parc for a picnic, a backpack around 20 Liters should be great to take your phone accessories and a small meal, maybe a waterproof one if rain is expected.

  • If you are going for that wordless adventure camping with your tent and cooking/survival tools a size of 60L-80L should be perfect.

  • If you are going for trip in hot weather like Asia (you need less clothes) a 35l backpack dimensions or backpacks of 30-40 Liter should be great. In cold weather like Norway you will have to upgrade to 50-60 Liters to accommodate your thick clothes.

What can be The best backpacks for traveling around the world?

Actually If you do not plan to camp or if you do not bring a lot of electronics you can get away with a 35-40-liter bag On the other hand, if you decide to camp and take a lot of electronic devices, you will have to change the number of liters on the can take a travel bag pack of 50 + 10 liters or a bag of 55 + 10 liters The 50-55 liters can store all basic things (clothes, toiletries, etc.) and the remaining 10 liters are reserved for the small backpack that we take extra and where we store electronic equipment. This allows us to keep a backpack with what we have precious when we travel by plane, the rest of the time all the things are in the big bag and we do not carry a bag in front and on the back. In this sense, it is a solution that seems satisfactory and that corresponds to any type of trip. if we will fly or when traveling by land. It therefore seems much more practical to have a single backpack to lug around.

How much backpack weight should i carry?

As for the weight of the bag, this is a subject that has been quite difficult for all of us. You will have to remove a lot of things (bye bye tripod) and see your wardrobe again to get a backpack that is not too heavy. Despite your efforts, you might still have 12.5kg bag or 11kg . Yes it is too much but taking a tent and the camping kit is difficult to do less. The bag should empty at least 1.5kg once your toiletry kit has been used (and yes, frizzy hair requires a lot of maintenance, do not throw the stone!).

Once you have defined a weight and a number of liters, all you have to do is choose a backpack that feels comfortable and strong enough to keep you going during your trip.

How to pick the right backpack for your morphology?

Picking the right backpack to go around the world It is the most stressful subject to think about but CF365 is where you can find the successful models that ensures a maintenance and a total comfort at the level of the back. it adaptes very well to the body and it’s very comfortable. we provide you with reinforced bags at the shoulders and hips.

How to compartmentalize your backpack?

Our backpacks have outdoor hangers for the tent and many openings and plenty of pockets to store things. In addition small bags (type of small cotton pouches) allow you to "compartmentalize" your bags by type of business (toiletry kit, medicines, underwear, etc.). It is then super convenient to store or find a specific object in the bag.

Can I offer a travel backpack as a gift?

If someone of your loved ones is in love with backpacks or it's the ideal bag for packing items for traveling, office, school or even for camping you should pick one for him/her and make it the best surprise in a special day like the Birthday, Mother's day or father's day. You could also surprise your partner with whom you will travel with a special backpack and make them feel amazed.

Don’t forget that there is a lot of events coming up soon like Burning man, Music events like Ultra Music festival and Tomorrowland festival are coming soon why don’t you pick the right backpack for you and your partner to be there and enjoy your trip with such an easy tool which will make you feel light.