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How I Traveled Through Europe for 4 Weeks with No Luggage, But This One Backpack

Hi! I’m Josh and I’m 34 years old!

And here’s how I traveled through Europe for 4 weeks with no luggage, just a backpack.

I’d like to share my own story because I know it will resonate with you... just read it all the way to the end.

I love traveling. And if you’re someone who’s into traveling and visiting, you might know the struggles that comes with this passion.

There are a couple but this time, I will tackle only one of them: the backpack.

When I first started visiting places, I used to have a luggage and a backpack as well, but paying for the luggage, was sometimes as expensive as another flying ticket... so I had to give up paying for the luggage and fit all my things into a backpack.

Here comes the fun part. It was nearly impossible to fit things into a single backpack!

And I could’ve brush that off, but most of the backpacks I tried had... let’s say room for improving their quality, aesthetics, functionality.

I changed 4 backpacks in one, single year of traveling.

One thing they all had in common was they weren’t durable at all. I mean, you want you backpack to resist rain, snow, dust, and being squeezed in small flight cabin compartments.

Well, it wasn’t the case.

Most of them are made from low quality materials that don’t resist during time, and the zippers? Oh, they’re a nightmare. Some break after just one flight!

I learned (the hard way) that a good backpack can make or break your trip.

... Believe me, I put in so much time and energy in researching which backpack to choose.

After the 4th backpack scrapped in one year, I had no option, but get the 5th...

So I got online, typed in the usual in the search bar :”quality travel backpack” or something similar, and waited to be bombarded with products.

Nothing new, but one thing... one of the backpacks stood out.

The PARIS backpacks. It had a nicely written ad that didn’t make any life changing promises that most of the ads do. Maybe that’s what intrigued me to click on it.

Besides being the best-looking backpack that popped up, the PARIS backpack had some features that I’ve never seen before (yes, even if I bought 4 backpacks earlier that year).

Features like not having a waist belt, which seemed a bit odd, but it didn’t have it to reduce the overall weight of the backpack.

Or another thing that was new to me was the fact the it could be used as backpack, handbag, or shoulder bag. So, it was kind of 3 products in 1.

I also like to dress well, regardless if I’m in New York Times Square or a beach in Italy, so having an aesthetically, good-looking backpack that can be also a hang bag, or shoulder bag... was incredible!

Ok, the PARIS backpack was good looking, efficient, spacious, but I needed more... I needed durability and easy to fit and squeeze into small flight cabins.

I noticed a small badge on the right of the page: AWARD-WINNING Cabin Crew Bags. I knew that bullet point #1 (great for fitting into flight bin) was check, so I moved on to bullet point #2, durable and resistant.

On the page it was mentioned that it was a durable product, but so was for the last 4 backpacks I just bought so I had no reason to believe it was true...

Until I started reading the reviews...

Hundreds of people complimenting the durability of the backpack and saying that it was the most resistant backpack they ever had.

That was it. I hit the order button, and waited for my backpack to arrive.

To my surprise it arrived the very next day, which was good because I had a trip scheduled that day.

I put the PARIS backpack on, and it felt like having... nothing on my back. It was so light and comfortable like nothing else I had before.

Long story short, it’s been two years now with my PARIS backpack, and it still looks like new! I even travelled through Europe for 4 weeks with it!

If you love traveling, or even if you’re just looking for a resistant and efficient backpack for your day-to-day travels, the PARIS backpack is what you need.

Besides being ultra-durable, astatically good-looking, regardless of your style, spacious, and easy to squeeze in overhead flight bins, you can also use it as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

It’s a 3 in 1 product that will resist the test of time!
It has changed travelling for me, and trust me, it will change it for you as well!

Get your PARIS backpack today and start enjoying traveling more, tomorrow!

- Josh

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